Wednesday, May 3, 2017

Java Script based online results checker - JSBin

This is online Java Script / GUI based online results checker.

Excellent tool for front end developers.,output

Tejas Anil Bavishi

Wednesday, October 19, 2016

Strategy for Cloud based IoT

Refer to this information available on Oracle's web site:

Oracle Cloud IoT example using Java

Following are the actors in the IoT Architecture:
(1) The Device (s), for ex, wearable devices like watches, android or iphones, tablets, RFID tags and sensors, etc
(2) The device sends the messages to the server
(3) The server receives the message
(4) This message is then sent to the Cloud application queue for some further business processing
(5) The business processing could be taking further action like sending  an alert to the Fire Department in case of Fire
(6) Generally Business Analytics or Data warehouse reporting using for ex, Hadoop and Big Data.

The above are high level actors for any cloud based IoT Architecture.

Happy IoT

Tejas Bavishi

Internet Of Things Architecture

Found some new interesting reading on IoT here:

There is ample information on what should be a typical architecture. I am myself yet to go through all the documentation provided here.

Happy Reading :-)

Tejas Bavishi

Sunday, September 4, 2016

Some good reading for using Dropwizard framework and best practices for writing REST APIs


I found this blog site which has wealth of information on Java.

It is called

It is available here -

The REST API details can be found here -
and here -

Happy reading :-)

Tejas Anil Bavishi

Monday, August 8, 2016

Cloud9 - Web browser based IDE


The IDEs are changing now, and one such interesting IDE is Cloud9. You can manage your entire codebase on the web browser and can work directly with Git or BitBucket code repositories, to name a few features.

The c9 IDE is available here:

Currently it supports many programming languages including basic support for Java. But considering it is now part of the AWS, you can expect many more developments for this product.

Tejas Anil Bavishi

Saturday, August 6, 2016

Spring framework reference application


I found a Spring framework reference application which can be useful to consider how the Spring framework's features can be implemented.

The source code is available at :
Spring framework Reference Application

Tejas Anil Bavishi

Friday, July 22, 2016

Continuous trainings in IT - Udemy


I came across this training portal:
Udemy Online Training WebSite

This is an excellent portal for the IT professionals and has training and coaching content for all levels of professionals, be it technical developers and architects, or business analysts and delivery managers.

They also run many promotional schemes where discounts  are offered on the course costs. The course fees are very reasonable.

There is another training portal:
Tutorialspoint Online Training Portal
This portal has vast information on Java and other OSS technologies.

Enjoy training :-)

Tejas Anil Bavishi