Saturday, January 4, 2014

Heroku integration with

Heroku cloud has a new exciting feature -

What this means is that the customer database on can be directly accessed by apps deployed on Heroku. This is a very interesting feature to be released in 2014.

--Tejas Bavishi

eCommerce landscape 2014

The Gartner report provides an interesting landscape for eCommerce solutions. Here's the link -

It is interesting to note that following solutions are leading:

My personal favourite is ElasticPath, being the Java solution apart from ATG.

There are so many other vendors who provide eCommerce solutions which are not so complex as mentioned above.

For an aspiring developer, who wants `to develop frameworks on web based shops, there are good options to build skills on above mentioned eCommerce platforms.

Happy eCommerce!!

-Tejas Bavishi

Heroku - Cloud Computing infrastructure

Heroku provides cloud infrastructure like servers and database hardware. It also provides developers an easy way to develop applications and deploy it on cloud. The deployment and hosting the applications is just a few steps process which is well documented on their site -

The servers provide JEE application deployment and database is MySQL. Also, the servers are auto scaling by paying additional money for production applications.

This infrastructure is good and so development teams do not need to focus on IT and focus on the application development.

There are so many add-ons for this cloud, available at -
The add-ons provide additional features like NoSQL databases, testing, search apps easier. Also, the development source code repository is integrated with Git.

Happy cloud computing!!

-Tejas Bavishi