Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Practical Guide to Securing JEE web application with OWASP

Practical Guide to Securing JEE web application with OWASP - A new eBook on Amazon kindle is published. Here's the link -

OWASP stands for “Open Web Application Security Project”. OWASP is a world-wide organization for educating and promoting awareness about web application security without any bias to a particular technology or a commercial product.
OWASP can be found at on the internet. There is a lot of material on security, threat model and best practices to make web application secure. This short guide will cover - how to make JEE web application secure using OWASP best practices.

Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Oracle Enterprise Pack For Eclipse makes JEE 6 Development simple

Oracle Enterprise Pack For Eclipse (OEPE) is an Integrated Eclipse IDE tool for Java Developers to ease development on JEE 6 technologies. OEPE supports direct integration with Oracle WebLogic Application server and provides IDE internal approach of source code development for java developers.

The features include following:
((1)Oracle public cloud support – OEPE allows deployment of web applications to Oracle public cloud.
((2)OEPE has good wizards to create web services and provides support for developers to create various web service artifacts.
((3)Provides in-built data modeler and visualize for Oracle Database.
((4)Supports JPA entity object creation from database tables.
((5)It has in-built support for working with Spring framework.
((6)Makes working with JSF, JSP and JSTL very easy.

The IDE itself is based on Eclipse, will definitely enhance productivity of developers who wants to use this plugin.

More information can be found on Oracle Web site - OEPE Oracle Link