Wednesday, October 19, 2016

Strategy for Cloud based IoT

Refer to this information available on Oracle's web site:

Oracle Cloud IoT example using Java

Following are the actors in the IoT Architecture:
(1) The Device (s), for ex, wearable devices like watches, android or iphones, tablets, RFID tags and sensors, etc
(2) The device sends the messages to the server
(3) The server receives the message
(4) This message is then sent to the Cloud application queue for some further business processing
(5) The business processing could be taking further action like sending  an alert to the Fire Department in case of Fire
(6) Generally Business Analytics or Data warehouse reporting using for ex, Hadoop and Big Data.

The above are high level actors for any cloud based IoT Architecture.

Happy IoT

Tejas Bavishi

Internet Of Things Architecture

Found some new interesting reading on IoT here:

There is ample information on what should be a typical architecture. I am myself yet to go through all the documentation provided here.

Happy Reading :-)

Tejas Bavishi

Sunday, September 4, 2016

Some good reading for using Dropwizard framework and best practices for writing REST APIs


I found this blog site which has wealth of information on Java.

It is called

It is available here -

The REST API details can be found here -
and here -

Happy reading :-)

Tejas Anil Bavishi

Monday, August 8, 2016

Cloud9 - Web browser based IDE


The IDEs are changing now, and one such interesting IDE is Cloud9. You can manage your entire codebase on the web browser and can work directly with Git or BitBucket code repositories, to name a few features.

The c9 IDE is available here:

Currently it supports many programming languages including basic support for Java. But considering it is now part of the AWS, you can expect many more developments for this product.

Tejas Anil Bavishi

Saturday, August 6, 2016

Spring framework reference application


I found a Spring framework reference application which can be useful to consider how the Spring framework's features can be implemented.

The source code is available at :
Spring framework Reference Application

Tejas Anil Bavishi

Friday, July 22, 2016

Continuous trainings in IT - Udemy


I came across this training portal:
Udemy Online Training WebSite

This is an excellent portal for the IT professionals and has training and coaching content for all levels of professionals, be it technical developers and architects, or business analysts and delivery managers.

They also run many promotional schemes where discounts  are offered on the course costs. The course fees are very reasonable.

There is another training portal:
Tutorialspoint Online Training Portal
This portal has vast information on Java and other OSS technologies.

Enjoy training :-)

Tejas Anil Bavishi

Sunday, April 17, 2016

IoT Applications built for future

This is a site with great wealth of applications on IoT which can work straight away. The site has loads of examples and theory to understand what are IoT applications. So just go ahead and see it for yourself:

IoT it is :-)
Tejas Anil Bavishi

Texas Instruments produced IoT and Cloud Applications

TI has quite a few ready to use IoT applications embedded systems hardware and software applications for IoT. They are available at :

Also, TI has good partner eco-systems for making the IoT application fast track to the market. The details are available here:

Happy IoT :-)

Tejas Anil Bavishi

Internet Of Things - IoT - Microchip Technology and Amazon EC2

Microchip has a brilliant strategy for Internet of Things. It has ready made embedded systems hardware and Amazon Machine Image ( AMI ) for connecting the IoT hardware to the cloud deployed on Amazon EC2.

Get all the detailed details and introduction here:

Happy IoT :-)
Tejas Anil Bavishi

Apache Camel Examples Source Code

The developers find it easy to learn new technologies by looking at the examples source code provided with the technology.

I have provided some links below which provides link to the variety of the samples source code for Apache Camel.

Apache Camel is doing really well in the public sector projects because of the simplicity of it's technology, abundance of the technology books, very large open source community support and lastly it's commercial integration in Red Hat Fuse ESB product. The investment from Red Hat has really made a lot of difference for Apache Camel project's popularity in large scale public sector and private sector projects.

Happy playing with Apache Camel Examples and learning and mastering new technology.

Tejas Anil Bavishi

Udemy - IT Training courses

I am using an excellent IT Training web site which has numerous training modules for a fee (some are free!!)

The quality of the courses are really good and sometimes the courses are so advanced that the books are not available for those advanced courses. Also, reading so many books can be boring, but these video courses are very effective and are divided into small sub topics.

Also, once you purchase the course module, you can access it for lifetime.

Here's the link to the web site -

Happy Training :-)
Tejas Anil Bavishi

37 things one Architect knows - Book

I recently came across this book - 37 things one Architect knows

Though I have  not completed reading it, it is an interesting read. You can get technology books anywhere but this book is special in the way it is written. It talks also about soft skills for an Architect. These are my personal views and may not necessarily be correct.

Happy Reading  :-)
Tejas Anil Bavishi

Saturday, April 9, 2016

Clean Code - Book


I read the book
Clean Code:A Handbook of Agile Software Craftsmanship

It is an excellent book and worth reading for any developer / architect. The book talks about best practices for Java source code implementation and maintenance and gives plenty of examples from real world.

Excellent Book !!!!

Happy Reading :-)
Tejas Bavishi

Friday, April 8, 2016

Interesting links to home automation, Raspberry Pi and IoT


Here are some more links to the home automation, Raspberry Pi and so on...

All the above links have wealth of information on Internet of Things, home automation and Raspberry Pi, etc

Many Thanks
Tejas Bavishi

Saturday, April 2, 2016

How to connect Java with Raspberry Pi Board ?


I found an interesting software library to connect Java with Raspberry Pi Board as follows:

Happy Connections :-)

Tejas Anil Bavishi

Apache Camel integration with Raspberry Pi Board


I found an interesting PoC for integrating Apache Camel with Raspberry Pi Board as follows:

Happy Integration :-)

Tejas Anil Bavishi

Where to find Raspberry Pi Zero board ?


I want to purchase Raspberry Pi Zero, but could not find it in UK.

So, searched for it and found these interesting links as follows:

Happy Hunting :-)

Tejas Anil Bavishi

Internet Of Things

I have collated some interesting links below, for readers who want to gain understanding and have a starter on the Internet Of Things.

I have not explained, on what it is, but this is for readers who have good understanding of computer science fundamentals.


Happy Reading :-)

Tejas Anil Bavishi