Monday, August 13, 2012

Latest Cloudera Hadoop Software

Cloudera's latest Enterprise software includes almost entire Hadoop eco-system in one distribution. It also includes 24 X 7 support. What looks like is Cloudera is becoming Red Hat for Hadoop, means |Cloudera is the company to go for Hadoop open source business applications needs.

Currently, Hadoop is in a state where there is space for many small companies to provide support, training, development and installation and configuration services in various locations across the world. Cloudera - alone cannot cater to the amount of demand that Hadoop is generating. This is a specialised field.

Here is the link to current Cloudera Enterprise software -

Tejas Bavishi

Thursday, August 9, 2012

Project Jigsaw - Java SE 8 or 9

I recently read about Project Jigsaw which is conceived to be better than OSGi. Frankly I have not understood the purpose of OSGi because - it is complex to understand and for most business applications it is not required to be used as a platform.

However, Project Jigsaw planned for Java SE 8 or 9 release is considered much less complex with far more better features than OSGi. It will provide modularity for JDK on what need to be in the build and better jar library management. Still need to understand and fully appreciate the requirement for this. With tools like Maven, it does not seem to be a requirement.

Anyone, any more thoughts on this?

Tejas Bavishi

Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Hadoop / Big Data the next generation revolution

Hadoop Map Reduce and Big Data Analytics solutions will be in great demand in coming years.
In the current scenario, business applications typically work with data in the size of petabytes, which requires Big Data technology like Hadoop.
Now a days, Hadoop can also interface to Oracle database, which goes to show that both Oracle and Cloudera are so eager to put Hadoop in mainstream technology of choice.
Then there is Karmasphere which provides IDE and BI solution on top of Hadoop Map Reduce. Also, Pentaho provides solution on top of Big Data. There are many open source Java products which are supporting Big Data Hadoop in a big way.

All the above should make Java develoeprs think that Hadoop is definitely a skill which will be in demand for many software companies in future.

Happy reading :)

Tejas Bavishi

Monday, August 6, 2012

Cloud Computing in Java EE 7 - JOnAS application server

JOnAS application server version 5.3 M7 provides multi-tenancy feature for SaaS (Software As A Service)  deployment of JEE application.

The isolation of application is identified by instance ID. There are more such features. This features are still evolving and will be available early 2013. By this time, many main stream applications servers will have adopted Java EE 7 specifications which will enable SaaS deployment capability out of the box.

You can find more information here - JOnAS