Sunday, May 10, 2015

Red Hat Fuse ESB

After working on Red Hat Fuse ESB for sometime now, I found that this Red Hat product rocks. It is feature rich and very good documentation and books are available for this.

First things first, Fuse ESB is made up of:
Apache CXF
Apache Camel
ActiveMQ messaging
Apache Karaf

 Apache CXF stack is for building industry grade Java Web Services. Apache Camel is the integration platform with over 150 standard off the shelf components. ActiveMQ provides reliable Java Messaging Service. And Fuse itself is the container for this.

The Red Hat JBoss IDE provides very intuitive code examples and impressive GUI based integration with all the JBoss Java middleware technologies.

Here' the link :

What's more, Fuse ESB can be integrated on RedHat Openshift cloud.

Happy Enterprise Service Bus Computing :-)

Tejas Bavishi