Saturday, August 23, 2014

Social Collaboration Platform - eXo platform

Sourceforge has a source code project hosted for Social Collaboration which is JEE compliant and can be hosted on Tomcat. It boasts of a large number of features which are useful and very advanced including some very cool GUI look and feel.

The project is open source and available at
eXo Platform

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Tejas Bavishi


Cloudyn is a cloud cost analytics tool that gives ROI calculation on the amount of money you spend on public clouds like Amazon AWS and Google Cloud platform or openstack.

This means you get clear picture about your expenditure and forecast about amount of money you spend on these IaaS services.

Recently introduced, this tool will gain lot of attention as increasingly companies and CTOs / CIOs will want to control their costs on cloud and also work on the ROIs.

The product is available online at Cloudyn

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Tejas Bavishi