Wednesday, December 11, 2013

SCALA / PLAY Framework

When I first heard about the SCALA programming language and PLAY framework, I thought that this is another fashion technology which will die soon. But then I played with it and found that these combination will go a long way in future (like Hadoop) especially for non-enterprise Java applications.

PLAY framework is just like MVC which has one central controller, various actions mapped to each page and Model. Note that concept is highly evolved and very intuitive once you get familiar with it.

Also, there are various templates available including integration with Spring framework, JPA and hibernate. The compiled source code can run in provided typesafe-activator or can be built as a WAR file and deployed on Tomcat or JBoss or any other application server. This means that if your target deployment is on JBoss, you can also use EJB.

The typesafe-activator is very fast and provides shell. I liked the idea of SCALA which is built on top of JVM and you can mix and match the JAVA and SCALA programming language constructs.

Also, take a look at the SCALA IDE -

I think the combination of PLAY and SCALA has a very bright future.

Give it a spin :-)

--Tejas Bavishi

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