Thursday, July 26, 2012

Google Map API

The Google Map API has advanced really well. The features include - Places Auto complete API, Distance Matrix API, Latitude API. This APIs also include 360 degree view of streets where available.

Places Auto complete API can be used in Location Based Services where user just types few initial characters and rest of the place name will be automatically filled. And the location of that business or restaurant will be automatically displayed on map.

The Distance Matrix API allows user to know distance between 2 places and what is the best way to go from Place A to Place B.

The Google Map Database is getting richer everyday and more correct and precise maps are released everyday.

For making location aware applications, developers have a brilliant opportunity to use Google Map API.

I am yet to see a comparison of different Map APIs like Google, Bing, NAVTEQ. But looking at Google Maps popularity and richness of APIs, Google seems to be ahead.

Tejas Bavishi

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