Wednesday, July 25, 2012

JEE 7 targets cloud computing technic

The new JEE 7 version is targetting cloud computing technic in a big way. The JEE 7 development kit includes cloud profile which will cover PaaS and some features of SaaS. What this means is that JEE7 will provide JEE compatible enterprise cloud APIs to develop web based Enterprise Java applications on cloud. These APIs also make compatibility to deploy on multiple platforms like Amazon, Eucalyptus and Oracle public / private clouds.

The PaaS feature includes features like WAR file compatibility on multiple cloud environments, scalable database connectivity, scale up and down of virtual machines.

Some of the SaaS features include multi-tenancy and database sharding. The JEE7 is due to release end of 2012.

Cloud infrastructure will be de-facto future standard for all enterprise applications. Just like internet banking is current way of doing things in financial industry. The benefits of a on-demand scalable cloud infrastructure weigh to much in favour of utilizing cloud than utilizing conventional infrastructure approach.

JEE7's cloud applications development features will take Java platform several steps in direction towards taking advantage of cloud computing. Also, adding support in JEE7 development kit will de-mystify SaaS cloud application development and vendor lock-in. It will also mean that IDEs like Eclipse and NetBeans will have support built-in for various cloud providers like Amazon EC2, Oracle, etc.

Java Architects and Java developers should keep an eye on new JEE7 release and also ISVs planning their roadmap for future product releases should cover their planning for JEE7.

Tejas Bavishi

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